Kant Vs Libertarians

Hi everyone, once again thank you for visiting my humble blog.  Knowing that a handful of people read this is very helpful in inspiring me to write.  Before I continue and discuss Kant I’d like to share with you an experience I had.  Obviously, I have a natural affinity to philosophy generally but sometimes I […]

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Dueling with Dualism Part 1

Is The Fundamental Level of Reality Divided into Mind and Body?  Or Are Mind and Body Two Aspects of an Even More Fundamental Reality?      The answer to this question is the key distinction between Descartes and Spinoza.  Lets unpack the two positions:  In the Dualist view (Descartes) anything that exists is either an extended […]

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Meet Spinoza

Rambling Intro (As Usual)         Ok, out with the Descartes, and in with the Spinoza.  I want to see if I can start to break down a little bit of Spinoza’s metaphysics a) to see if I understand it and b) to help satiate my readers’ voracious appetite for 17th Century metaphysics.  As usual […]

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What the Crap Is Philosophy?

     This entry was prompted by a conversation I had with a good friend the other day.  Out of the conversation it became quite evident that outside of my ivory tower the unwashed masses have a misconception of the very important world…nay…universe-changing work that philosophers do.   I was actually surprised at how worked up  I […]

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Is It Ever OK To Lie?

Kant on Lying Preamble      Recall that in Kant’s moral philosophy acting morally is a matter of acting out of duty to the moral law.  Let’s break that down.  First, the moral law (AKA the Categorical Imperative) as I’m sure you all recall is “I ought never to act except in such a way that […]

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