Ethics Committee: God Knows Where I Am Part 1

Reading Questions

Reading Questions Due BEFORE Friday’s Class

  1. Describe the specific ethical difficulties in this case. Explain as though the person reading your answer has not read the article.
  2. Explain which of the 4 bioethical principles are relevant to the case. Explain your appraisal.
  3. Which of the principles do you think should take precedence and why?

In-Class Discussion Questions

Basic Concepts

  1. What are the basic elements of informed voluntary consent. Hint: CoDUVCo.
  2. Explain in a sentence or two what each one means.
  3. Give 2 examples for each one that would indicate that the patient fails that criteria.

Case Study

  1. Discuss your answers to reading questions (2) and (3). Reach a consensus and submit the group’s consensus.
  2. Insight:
    1. What is “insight”?
    2. What are at least two reasons why someone might deny their diagnosis?
    3. Did Linda Bishop have insight? Defend your answer.