How to Rite Good

Key things I’m looking for:

  1. Intro: 
    1. Opening few sentences to make the reader care about the topic/issue.
    2. Clear thesis statement: I should be able to know exactly what position your going to try to convince me of.
    3. Clear road map: I should be able to know exactly what steps you’re going to take to convince me of your thesis. 
  2. Body:
    1. Clear explanations supported by direct quotes. 
    2. Topic sentences: I should be able to read the first sentence of each paragraph and know what the paragraph will be about/try to convince me of.
    3. Appropriate use of examples to either clarify or persuade. 
    4. Persuade your reader! Never assume your reader already holds your view. It’s your job to bring them into the light step by step.
    5. Opinions are not arguments. Support your assertions with evidence and reasons. Your paper should be littered with the word ‘because’.
    6. USE SECTION HEADINGS! Otherwise, use whatever style you like (APA, MLA, etc…)
    7. 1 idea=1 paragraph. Don’t be afraid of short paragraphs.
    8. For each argumentative point, explain to the reader how/why it’s relevant to your thesis. Don’t assume your reader can see the connection.
    9. Footnotes are a good way to address or acknowledge a side issue without interrupting the flow of your paper.
  3. Writing: 
    1. Clear and easy to follow.
    2. Ideas obviously flow from one to the next. There is a rational structure to your ideas.
    3. Short. Declarative. Sentences.
    4. Read each paragraph out loud after you’ve completed it. If there are awkward places, rewrite!
    5. 1 idea=1 paragraph. Don’t be afraid of short paragraphs.
    6. Avoid the passive voice unless there’s no way around it.
    7. Talk to me. Have a conversation with your reader. No need to get all fancy if that’s not how you talk.