Martial Arts upcoming readings/resources

Mental Attitude:

  1. Damian Maia stuff
  2. Donald Cerrone:
  3. Conor McGregor
  4. John Jones
  5. Daniel Cormier
  6. Stoic Warrior
  7. Competition Mindset
    1. Mike Perry: Anger
    2. Seneca De Ira (Bk 2. 14?)
    3. Self-Confidence:
  8. How should we handle loss?
    1. Daniel Cormier
    2. Conor post-Diaz I
    3. Jessica Andrade post-Zhang
    4. Donald Cerrone post Gaethje
    5. Damien Maia: “I would like to thank everyone’s support in one more step in my path,” Maia wrote. “The big lesson in sports is knowing that competing always brings lessons, and we have to be grateful in victory and in defeat for the learning. I did my best, made a few mistakes and got a little excited, which might have hampered the execution of my strategy, but that doesn’t take the merit away from my opponent, who deserved the victory, and I leave with my head held high, knowing that I have done the best I could, and I move forward onto the next step of the journey. Thank you all!”