Mind Over Muscle: Chapter 1

A Brief History of Jujutsu

The Purpose of Jujutsu

  1. What is Kano’s criticism of the old styles of jujutsu?
  2. What 3 kinds of benefits (or what 3 aspects) accompany training in martial arts?

From Jujutsu to Judo

Naming Judo

  1. Why did Kano adopt the term judo instead of ‘jujutsu’? (Hint: What does do mean and what does jutsu mean?
  2. When Ronda Rousey elected to compete in the UFC, USA Judo (the governing body for US Olympic judo) revoked her affiliation.
    1. What does Kano say that might explain their actions?
    2. Do you think they were correct to have done this?

The Development of Techniques

  1. What are the three main parts of the judo system?
  2. How does judo harmonize the dual goals of physical fitness and training for fighting? (I.e,. what are the two methods of instruction and how to they compliment each other in achieving physical fitness and training to fight?)
  3. In the early years of MMA, training consisted in almost only sparring. Now, however, training consists in drilling,  conditioning, and limited sparring. In fact, some fighters do almost no sparring in their fight camps.
    1. What would Kano have said about the early training methods?
    2. Why do you think MMA training methodology has changed and how might it be related to Kano’s insights?

The Rise of Kodokan Judo and the Decline of Jujutsu Schools

  1. How does judo teaching methodology differ from the “old” jujutsu method?
  2. Which method do you think is superior, and why?