Thaaaats Not Science: Part 2

Notes and Thoughts on Imre Lakatos’ ‘Science and Pseudoscience’My favourite quote:“But the history of thought shows us that many people were committed to absurd beliefs.  If the strength of beliefs were a hallmark of knowledge, we should have to rank some tales about demons, angels, devils, and of heaven and hell and knowledge.  Scientist, on […]

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Thaaat’s Not Science!

The Demarkation Problem:  Notes and Discussion of Karl Popper’s Falsificationism OverviewOne issue in the philosophy of science is known as the demarkation problem.  That is, where do we draw the line between genuine science and pseudo-science?   What’s the difference between astronomy and astrology?  Chemistry and alchemy?  Medicine and homeopathy?  Psychology and Freudian psycho-analysis?  Evolutionary biology and creation […]

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