US Poli Thought: Brownson and Wright

  1. Compact vs National/Marshall understanding of the Constitution:
    1. Explain the compact view of the constitution as described in the S. Carolina Declaration of Independence.
    2. Explain Marshall’s arguments against the Compact view.
    3. Explain Marshall’s understanding of the nature of the and its legitimacy Constitution.

  2. FREEEDOM!!!!
    1. Describe a purely formal account of freedom.
    2. Describe the ancient Greek/Modern understanding of freedom.
    3. Describe at least one other understanding of freedom.
    4. Give one critique against (1) and one critique against (2).
    5. Are the Beastie Boys correct that one has to fight for their right to paaaaaarty, or should this right be enshrined in the Bill of Rights?

  3. Education:
    1. For Wright, what are some of the functions universal eduction serves and problems it solves?
    2. Give at least two philosophies of education (i.e., purposes of education).
    3. Offer a criticism of each in (2).

  4. For Orestes Brownson, what is the great hypocrisy of the North?

  5. Are certain material conditions necessary meaningful equality? (Consider Wright and Brownson)
    1. Specify how you interpret equality.
    2. Defend your view against one objection.